The living room lights up as soon as you are home – a smart welcome
The passage lights come up as you walk into the shower to freshen up
Coffee maker brews fresh coffee as you are ready to unwind
Living room lits up to give you perfect ambience to caress your senses
Microwave cooks up pasta as the dining table is lit up for supper
The bedroom AC is ready as you prepare to retire for the day
Bathroom lights get illuminated as you walk-in half asleep
And you are connected with your home even when away at work!!
“Through our easy-to-use interface you can intelligently control and automate virtually any home function.” That’s genius!!!
Think of all electronic parts of your house that need your attention: lights, thermostats, audio video systems, security systems, curtains, skylight, garage door, main door lock… the list goes on. Before you leave for work or go to bed, you’ll need to adjust the settings of several devices-and that can take minutes of your time. Even if you don’t mind sweeping through your house to hit every light switch and thermostat, you’re bound to miss a few.
It gets smarter, less expensive and easier to use each year. Moreover as it goes with every technology, the user usually outgrows the system in a short time. What he needs is an automation system that can be upgraded as and when the user needs and something that he can do it all by himself.
This is where SYNCHRONOS comes into picture. Based on a technology platform that gives best of both the worlds, wired and wireless and yet completely secured, our solution answers all the questions asked by any home automation user.
Completely wirefree system, our products, can be retrofitted in an existing home, to control lighting, cooling/heating, curtains/blinds, AV systems, Security Sensors, Remote Surveillance and most importantly, to get Energy Savings. The system boasts of offering a cool 30% reduction in the energy consumption by offering smart metering technology. A homeowner has the choice to install this system in his existing house with zero infrastructure damage and using existing switches and in less than 24 hours. Imagine being able to start controlling the lighting and other electrical appliances while watching your favorite TV program, right from the TV itself. Our solution gives you the flexibility to control your entire home system from the TV using a unique Smart TV upgrade device. Besides this, the controls can also be done using a remote, any smartphone, a touch pad or any internet enabled system.


Control your AC thermostat at optimum temperature or put it off from anywhere using any smartphone or a tablet.
Use dimmers, timers and occupancy sensors to automate your lighting controls and maximize your savings
Use occupancy sensors to turn lights off automatically when rooms are unoccupied
Install multi-sensors that intelligently control the room temperatures as the number of persons in the room change by sensing the humidity levels
Program your curtains and thermostat to automatically adjust for maximum energy efficiency based on the seasons, time of day or outside temperature
Customizable ECO Scenes to ensure enhanced comfort yet reduced expenses by dimming the lights, shutting the curtains, optimizing the AC cooling and putting off unwanted lights in other rooms


Lighting, Dimming and Infinite Mood Settings to create a blissful ambience in your home
Intelligent Controls and Smart Metering ensure savings of over 20% on your electricity bills
Security Sensors and Electronic Door Lock offer peace of mind with remote monitoring
SYNCHRONOS offers a single remote control for all your AV systems – from your smartphone, touchpad
Remote Monitoring and all controls through smartphones, touch tabs and other internet devices
Multi-room and multizone music distribution personalized for every member of your family
Our Automation system controls all standard electrical / electronic appliances in your home
Wireless thermostats and climate control to set the cooling of your room

Boardroom Automation

Technology enhances every meeting and every presentation, but sometimes getting everything to work properly, together, is problematic. Control4 can help.
Make it easy for each attendee to plug in as presenter at a moment’s notice.
Use one-touch control to dim the lights for a presentation, lower the screen and power on your video conferencing system.
Incorporate video conference call capabilities to include off-site employees and manage it from one easy-to-use interface.