Here are some benefits/uses of surveillance for your business

Increase overall security and safety
Improve worker productivity
Prevent dishonest claims
Resolve employee disputes
Continuous real-time monitoring
Digital storage
Visual evidence for investigations
Remote Monitoring
Prevent Theft & Safety
Visitor Monitoring
Crowd Control
Building Security
Keep a watchful eye on your home and business, with intelligent security systems from synchronos Technologies.
Monitor the front door, see who is at the gate, watch the kids by the swimming pool, and check on the baby napping in the nursery. With our Intelligent Security system from synchronos, you can control security cameras and watch what is going on from any room, computer, TV or Touchscreen in your home. You can even access your cameras from anywhere in the world with a PC or mobile device with an internet connection.
You can monitor temperature sensors to prevent freezing, receive an alert if there’s a water leak, coordinate with your security system to send you alerts, and let you see what’s happening in your home using cameras and the Internet. You can even set lights to automatically mimic your usual patterns so it appears that you are home, even when you are not. Whatever your security/surveillance requirements are, Synchronos can design a system to protect and safeguard your family and property, and give you peace of mind.
Let Synchronos Technologies design a CCTV system for your business needs! Whether you need one camera or a large complex system, utilizing a multitude of cameras, time lapse recorders, pan, tilt and zoom operation for watching parking lots, hallways, entrances, production lines, and inventory Synchronos has something for YOU.
We offer a variety of video and camera equipment to fit your growing business needs. We are experts in design, development, and implementation of security systems. We make technology work for YOU!